In less than a week time, the biggest NFL match of this year’s season is about to unfold. Super Bowl XLVI is so far one of the most anticipated game in the history.

It will be showcasing a “seemed-to-be rematch” of 2007’s Super Bowl, it’s just that this time, both teams gathered quite an equal percentage of favor from NFL fans.

More than the much proven team work of both teams, they also got superb coaches who were amazingly trained under one person. He’s no other Bill Parcells.

Parcells is being branded as the Don Corleone of the NFL. Being able to train under him or perhaps being able to survive his fierce rules is something to brag out.

It’s so happen that both Bill Belichick (Patriots) and Tom Coughlin (Giants) were once assistants to coach Bill Parcels. The latter must have taught something great to these guys to reach this far. At the moment, Parcells already retired from being a coach and has become an ESPN analyst that would be very proud seeing his sons face against each other in the up coming Super Bowl.

Coughling became Parcells’ receivers coach from 1998 through 1990.

“Tom kind of took the same route I did as a coach, starting in a very, very small Division III school. He was mowing the grass and lining the fields, and doing all the tasks that a coach in one of those situations has to do. So he came up the hard way and people who do that learn the ropes. Tom, by his experience, starting off at a very low level as a coach — I did the same things at Hastings College in Nebraska — makes you appreciate it when things change for the better.”

Belichick on the other hand was once working with Parcells beings assistants for the Giants in 1981 and 1982. Then Parcell became the main man. They reunited sometime in 1996 where Belichick became assistant coach to Parcells for New England. Eventually, the latter took the Jet’s job while Belichick accepted Robert Kraft’s offer to rebuild the Pats back into a Super Bowl team.

“You know Bill Belichick was the son of a coach, I knew his father [Steve] very well. He came up [with] football all his life … I think Bill was taught by his dad on what was necessary.”

“I think they do have an awful lot in common; I think their persona is just a little different on the part of each of them. Both of them were straight football guys, intense competitors, very thorough, quite intense in their preparations, and certainly both of them would get the information to the players very, very well.

Aside from Belichick and Coughlin, Parcells also became part of what other awesome coaches became these days. Some of them were Sean Payton of the Saints, Eric Mangini, Tony Sparano, Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley, Mike Nolan, Charlie Weis, Al Groh, Ray Handley, and Chris Palmer.

This year’s Super Bowl match is fast approaching and everyone’s looking forward. Due to expensive tickets, some opted to stay at home and watch it live over NBC sports channel.

However, there are people who just don’t have televisions maybe because they’re out somewhere for work, travelling, etc. With your smartphone around and some social networking sites like Twitter, you can still keep up with what’s happening even days before the much awaited event. listed a number of Twitter accounts to follow that were guaranteed to be updating the most reliable Super Bowl happenings. They are accounts of sports journos, football players and die hard fans.

1. @SuperBowl2012 – this is the official account of 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. It will be tweeting several channels directing fans to entertainment venues and addressing logistical concerns from the committee’s social meda command center.

2. @Giants – the official twitter account of New York Giants.

3. @Patriots – the official twitter account of New England Patriots

4. @shalisemyoung – Shalise Manza Young is the Patriots beat writer for the Boston Globe. She will be tweeting day-to-day things on what Bill Belichick is doing to try for a fourth Super Bowl ring with the Patriots.

5. @RapSheet – owned by Ian Rapoport. He is another Patriots and NFL journo who writes for the Boston Herald.

6. @TheBlueScreen – owned by Ralph Vacchiano. He the Giants for the New York Daily News.

7. @MikeGarafolo – owned by Mike Garafolo. He is the Giants’ beat writer for New Jersey’s Star-Ledger.

8. @deionbranch84 – the official twitter account of Patriots receiver Deion Branch. He was once the MVP of the 2005 Super Bowl.

9. @judybattista – owned by Judy Battista. She covers NFL for the The New York Times. If you want real time updates, she’s the one you should follow.

10. @AdamSchefter – owned by Adam Schefter. He is ESPN’s NFL Insider with a hefty 1.2 million followers waiting for his real time Super Bowl tweets.

11. @WesWelker – the official twitter account of Patriots receiver Wes Welker.

12. @greggrosenthal – owned by Greg Rosenthal who happens to be an NFL writer for Worthy to be followed.

13. @JustinTuckNYG91 – the official twitter account of Giants’ defensive end star Justin Tuck.

14. @billbarnwell – owned by Bill Barnwell. He will be covering NFL for

15. @SI_PeterKing – owned by the veteran NFL writer of Sports Illustrated, Peter King.

Brace yourself now and make sure to follow one of them to be updated. You may also check this blog from time to time for significant updates.

It was four years ago when the same set of teams get to face each other for the precious Super Bowl trophy. The much awaited event will happen on Feb 5 in Indianapolis wherein once again, Brady get to face Manning while coach Belichick will face coach Coughlin.

It was 2008 when Manning and the rest of the Giants upsets Brady’s team. It was during that time when New England was a 12-point favorite but wasn’t able to stop the Giants. Admittedly, the defense team of New York battered Brady while Manning connected with Plaxico Burress on a late touchdown for the Giants to grab their third Super bowl title.

No one knows if the same scenario will happen in the coming weeks. Patriots played amazingly in their previous games more than enough to prove that the Giants needs to work hard.

The Patriots’ AFC game wasn’t a Brady-game though where he end up TD-less. Lucky for him to have amazing team players and some unsolicited Ravens’ faults.

The last time the Patriots grabbed a Super Bowl title was 2005 and until now some players were still on the team like Corey Dillon, Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and they are being joined by Mayo, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

The Giants on the other had a roller coaster of ups and downs this season including a stat of 7-7 with an embarrassing loss to the Washington Redskins last December 18.

During that time, linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka once said that they’re coming back and he’s proven everything right.

After defeating the Jets in a 29-14 victory, for the elimination round, the Giants has been unstoppable. They followed it with a 31-14 win over Dallas to grab the NFC East title and get to the playoffs once again since 2008. Then they stunned everyone when they defeated the reigning Super Bowl champ Green Bay Packers in a 37-20 victory.

The Giants came this far and there is no way that for the last game they would let any team to block their way. The Patriots on the other hand is more than ready to face anyone.

This is going to be one of the best Super Bowl matches in the history of NFL.

It was indeed a close fight at the last 11 seconds of the game when Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal attempt where the Patriots on a 3-point lead.

Tom Brady’s on a sideline as he watched how the game ended for their victory. It was at 11:29 of the game when he had a 1-yard scoring dive and there came Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis for a huge hit. Earlier in the game, Lewis had a fair share of Brady’s moves after a hard tackle on a 4-yard run.

Both teams are on intense mode but there has been significant errors and unexpected wrong moves by the Ravens. They had the chance to seal in the win during the early part of the game but the Patriots just can’t let them rule the game.

Although it was TD-less for Brady for the first time in 36 games, he did pass for 239 yards. Team work prevailed and it seemed that they were destined to grab the win.

Brady wasn’t that happy of his game but still very thankful that he belonged to a team with an awesome defense tactics.

“Well I sucked pretty bad today but our defense saved us,” Brady said. “I’m gonna go out and try and do a better job in a couple of weeks.”

Now that the AFC Championship game has finally arrived, two of the best teams in their division already proven quite a lot on why they reached the prestigious spot on their way to grab the Super Bowl title.

With Ray Lewis for the Ravens, it would be a tough fight for the Patriots. He admitted though that Brady’s existence is of a great challenge for them.

“We’ve got our hands full this week,” Lewis said. “You watched what they did last week against Denver, just the way they came out and ran their offense, how efficient (Brady) was, how many different receivers he hit with the ball. I think their offense, period, is playing at a very high level.”

They have to admit that the Patriots placed quite a show this season with Brady around who threw 5,235 yards, second-most in NFL history, with 39 touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and the league’s third-best quarterback rating of 105.6. Not to mention the existence of Welker and Gronkowski with 428 yards per game and third with an average of 32.1 points.

However, the Patriots shouldn’t play lax against the Ravens because they have the tendency to change the game.

“They’re great players. I’ve played against both those guys quite a few times,” Brady said. “You always enjoy going up against the best because you can really measure where you’re at. You can’t take plays off against those guys. You can’t take things for granted when you’re out there against them. You have to see where they’re at on every play because they’re guys who change the game.”

Above anything else, this match requires proper communication among team players where both crucially need.

Its’s going to be a tough match. Brace yourself as it happens 3 p.m. ET at Foxboro, Massachusetts and will be aired live on CBS.