The feeling is just different this time. The Giants are more confident this time as they touchdown Indianapolis. They were welcome wholeheartedly by their excited fans and supporters. Their plane landed 3:00 pm Monday at the Indianapolis International Airport.

The players and the whole team is set to face the press on Tuesday, January 31st, for questions and queries.

This upcoming Super Bowl XLVI match is somewhat like a rematch of the Giants against the Patriots where the same team faced each other way back Super Bowl XLII. During that time, the Patriots were the crowd’s favorite but were stunned by the famous helmet catch by David Tyree and touchdown grab by Plaxico Burress and of course the unexpected Giants’ big win.

This time is quite different, both teams have an equal share of favorite scale ratings and it seems that more fans are rooting for another Giants’ win.

Both teams have coaches who were proven and tested by the tough Bill Parcell and QBs who has become famous more that anyone else. Both showed superb previous games and are willing to give it all for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Tickets were sold out, hotels and inns were already fully booked, everything’s all set for the big game!