The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) will also be broadcasting the Super Bowl XLVI also known as the Super Bowl 46 this 2012. Super Bowl 2012 will be broadcasted in all NRK stations: NRK1, NRK1 HD, NRK2, NRK3 and NRK Super.

You can check the latest TV schedule of NRK at slash TV. To see the complete TV schedule of each NRK channel, just head on the slash NRK1 for NRK1. Just changed the NRK1 to 2, if you want to check the NRK2 TV schedule, and 3 for NRK3.

And oh, did you know that NRK HD was set to make its first official broadcasting from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, but the first HD broadcast was actually Super Bowl XLIV? Now you know!

The Super Bowl 2012 live broadcast via NRK will be available in both TV and Radio. Just tune in to either NRK P1, NRK P2 or NRK P3 of you want to listen to the radio instead of watching the live game at NRK.

If you’re reading this post and you don’t know what NRK is, it’s the largest media organisation in Norway. It is a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union. We’ll be posting more about live TV schedules of each broadcasting company that will be showing the live telecast of Super Bowl XLVI.


59 Days, 7 hours and 9 minutes to go before the most awaited Super Bowl starts next year in Indianapolis. I bet you can’t wait as I can’t wait as well. I’m also excited to know who will be the AFC and NFC champions next year. Btw, if you really can’t wait for the big day, you can take a sneak peak! Not the sneak peak of the future, but a sneak peak of the preparation for Super Bowl XLVI. Die hard fans will have an awesome opportunity to gain inside access into behind-the-scenes preparations of Super Bowl XLVI with special tours of Super Bowl Media Center and the Lucas Oil Stadium! Oh yes! That’s what I’ve read somewhere at Frank Supovitz, NFL’s Senior VP announced it last Wednesday!
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Oh yes! Super Bowl 2012 is coming very soon! We’ll be updating this blog with more juicy and awesome news regarding the 2012 Super Bowl. Super Bowl 2012 will be broadcasted live in ESPN, CTV, Sport 1, NRK 1, BBC, Sky Sports, and W9. The teams from both AFC and NFC are getting ready because Super Bowl is fast approaching! It’s already November 2012! We only need to wait for 3 months and the game is on!

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The Super Bowl heat is on once again as the year 2012 is fast approaching! Oh yes Super Bowl fans, the Super Bowl season is here again! On February 5, 2012, the AFC and NFC champions will face for glory and honor. Super Bowl will be held in the home of the Indianapolis Colts, the Lucas Oil Stadium. Super Bowl XLVI (or Super Bowl 46) will be the first Super Bowl to be held in Indianapolis.

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