As head of the state, it has been a tradition of President Barack Obama to share the moment with his fellowmen in a pre-game interview every SuperBowl game. The match is one of those moments in the history of America wherein almost everyone is watching, thus the perfect time to reach the maximum number of Americans.

Few minutes before the match, CBS evening news anchor Scott Pelley will be joined by President Barack Obama who would most likely be talking about the nation, and of course his insights about the game. The Super Bowl has been drawing an increasing number of viewers each year.

Do not expect for the interview to be all about the game as the President would surely be talking about the recent that has happened in the country especially about the issue of gun control.

However, Pelley made sure that he has some questions about the game and that could excite the millions of fans who are watching the game live in New Orleans, or those watching in their houses or even those football enthusiasts in the countries in the world.

It is going to be another year of exciting match. Who do you think will win? There’s no other way to find out but to watch the game that will happen in a while.


Super Bowl XLVII will be happening in less than 3 months at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. While everyone’s very excited for an event that happens to be one of the most watched in the country, its host might have been in all anxiety right now making sure that nothing will go wrong.

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Before the slot end up to them, they had a tremendous bidding encounter with the rest of the states who are longing to have it. What makes this event very important? The answer is a lot! A certain place that will win the slot gets to be visited by thousands of spectators. This would also mean an increase in the revenue of their business nearby like hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and all other related businesses.

The bidding for the slot doesn’t happen on the year before the event but literally years before it; 2-3 years to be exact. The Super Bowl match that has been longed by a lot of participating states would the golden one. It’s one of the history makers and it happens only once. Great fortune will surely come to the place that will win the bid.


As the 47th NFL season opens on the 5th of September, Super Bowl champ New York Giants gets to face their ever immortal rival Dallas Cowboys. It’s been months but the intensity of their last match for the division title can still be felt.

A Giants-Cowboys match is one of those ‘rating-grabber episodes’ of NBC and surely this opening game would be aired nationwide. In fact their 2011 finale match which happened to be a 31-14 win by the Giants was the most watched “Sunday Night Football” game ever with 27.6 million viewers and the most-watched prime-time game on any network. Surely this time the betting among friends or colleagues are on its peak as well.

Since 2002, the traditional kick off day of NFL opening matches was always Thursday but this year it would happen a day earlier because of President Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention.

The opening would be held at the Meadowlands and surely this stand-alone opener will be drawing millions of viewers.

Having the Cowboys as their first rival is just one of the choices as the Giants could also face the Green Bay Packers. Both are former Super Bowl champs and they could draw as much viewers as well.


NFL Drafting season is yet another phenomenon that everyone has been looking for. Who’s out and who’s in? no one could really tell. As Peyton Manning becomes a free agent when Indianapolis Colts released him March 7, everyone’s looking forward who’s going to have the four-time MVP. Being “The Peyton Manning” he has the luxury of picking whoever’s offering him the best deal.

Then Monday came and Manning informed the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans that he is choosing Denver Broncos among them. This just means that the Broncos needed to trade another much-talked about quarter back Tim Tebow.

Known for being the man of faith and a man having compassion to his fellowmen, having someone like Tim Tebow in the team is much more than an advantage. Since Tebow was given a $6.2 million salary advance before the 2011 seasons, the Jets needs to pay back the Broncos for this trade to get even for the for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons. According to the contract, it amounted to $5 million. There has been a serious talk about and eventually they agreed that the Jets will pay a total of $2.53 million to Broncos for Tebow’s advance salary. The payments will be made in 1/17th weekly installments. Broncos accepted their offer over Jacksonville’s.

“I’m thankful they stuck with me through this whole crazy process,” Tebow said through a phone call.

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Choosing the NFL MVP for this year wasn’t that difficult after all. There has been a panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the NFL who each chose between Green Bay’s QB Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans’ QB Drew Brees. The score was 48 against 2 choosing Rodgers. He is the first Green Bay player honored since Brett Favre concluded a run of three straight seasons as MVP in 1997.

He accepted the MVP trophy from the only four-time winner of the award, Peyton Manning. “It means a lot to be recognized as a consistent player and contributing on my team,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s an award that relies on a player having the support of his teammates, obviously, guys blocking, guys running, guys catching, guys making plays. But I’m very honored to receive the award,” he added.

Rodgers also expressed his excitement to once again witness Peyton Manning back on field next year. Manning didn’t play a down this season because of neck surgery.

Although Brees didn’t get the MVP award, he won Offensive Player of the Year for the second time. Joining them were Baltimore defensive end/linebacker Terrell Suggs for the Defensive Player of the Year, San Francisco’s rookie coach Jim Harbaugh as Coach of the Year and Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford for Comeback Player of the Year.