The Super Bowl is more than a sporting event showcasing the best that football has to offer, it is an advertisement extravaganza. And why not, over a 150 million people watch it the world over!

So never mind if an advertiser has to cough up $3.5 million for a 30-second spot in a Super Bowl 46 game, hope springs eternal that they will be able to recoup more than five times that amount because of the worldwide exposure.

Last year, Volkswagen saw a revival of interest in their vehicles as their Star Wars’ Darth Vader-inspired and aptly titled “The Force” ad got millions of views online even before the commercial itself on TV.

For this year’s Super Bowl 46, it looks like Matthew Broderick’s reprisal of his Ferris Bueller role, back in the 1980s, for Honda CR-V is the one getting the most pre-Super Bowl online buzz with more than 3 million views just for the first 24 hours.

According to RPA executive creative director, Joe Baratelli, their agency decided to celebrate the re-designed Honda CR-V as a vehicle not just for running chores, but for enjoying life. “When we found out the timing of the launch of the CR-V, we felt it would be a great tent pole for the entire campaign, which centers around making a list of things you want to do before the things you have to do. ‘Before you make a leap, make a list’.

RPA then got Paramount, Matthew Broderick and ‘The Hangover’ director, Todd Phillips, to work on the Honda advertisement, which is now a YouTube sensation.

Other carmaker ads or teasers on the top 5 of the Super Bowl 2012 ads season include, Chevy’s ‘Happy Grad’, Volkswagen’s ‘Bark Side’,  Suzuki’s ‘Sled’ and Audi’s ‘Vampire Party’.

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