As the 47th NFL season opens on the 5th of September, Super Bowl champ New York Giants gets to face their ever immortal rival Dallas Cowboys. It’s been months but the intensity of their last match for the division title can still be felt.

A Giants-Cowboys match is one of those ‘rating-grabber episodes’ of NBC and surely this opening game would be aired nationwide. In fact their 2011 finale match which happened to be a 31-14 win by the Giants was the most watched “Sunday Night Football” game ever with 27.6 million viewers and the most-watched prime-time game on any network. Surely this time the betting among friends or colleagues are on its peak as well.

Since 2002, the traditional kick off day of NFL opening matches was always Thursday but this year it would happen a day earlier because of President Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention.

The opening would be held at the Meadowlands and surely this stand-alone opener will be drawing millions of viewers.

Having the Cowboys as their first rival is just one of the choices as the Giants could also face the Green Bay Packers. Both are former Super Bowl champs and they could draw as much viewers as well.

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