Every American citizen has been looking forward for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI this coming February 5 that would happen live at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.

Some says the feeling is totally different when you’re watching it live in the stadium than merely watching it over live telecast. But the question would be how much are you willing to spend just to get that precious seat?

Looking back at the first Super Bowl forty-five years ago, the event wasn’t that extravagant compared today. It wasn’t even televised and even failed to sell out the tickets which at that time only cost 10 bucks.

It was just a simple NFL vs. AFL match that doesn’t even showcase a magnificent half-time show. Today’s Super Bowl is totally different. Months before the sought match, performers of the half-time show would reach headlines of several entertainment portals. Live telecast exists where ad slots cost millions. Tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl would cost you nearly $3,000 on the secondary market. Even the parking fee charges 200 bucks.

“What a difference it is between now and then,” says Don Vaccaro, the CEO of TicketNetwork.com and a veteran of the ticket industry. “I can remember when the NFL had trouble selling out the Super Bowl. Now, it’s the premier ticket in American sports. The prices reflect that,” he added.

In a typical Super Bowl match, only 1% of the number of tickets would be sold to the general public. Majority of it would be reserved to the affiliated companies, charities, networks and sponsors, the opposing teams’ fans and the rest of the league’s teams.

If you want to witness the Super Bowl live then make sure you’re ready to spend that much.

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