NFL Drafting season is yet another phenomenon that everyone has been looking for. Who’s out and who’s in? no one could really tell. As Peyton Manning becomes a free agent when Indianapolis Colts released him March 7, everyone’s looking forward who’s going to have the four-time MVP. Being “The Peyton Manning” he has the luxury of picking whoever’s offering him the best deal.

Then Monday came and Manning informed the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans that he is choosing Denver Broncos among them. This just means that the Broncos needed to trade another much-talked about quarter back Tim Tebow.

Known for being the man of faith and a man having compassion to his fellowmen, having someone like Tim Tebow in the team is much more than an advantage. Since Tebow was given a $6.2 million salary advance before the 2011 seasons, the Jets needs to pay back the Broncos for this trade to get even for the for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons. According to the contract, it amounted to $5 million. There has been a serious talk about and eventually they agreed that the Jets will pay a total of $2.53 million to Broncos for Tebow’s advance salary. The payments will be made in 1/17th weekly installments. Broncos accepted their offer over Jacksonville’s.

“I’m thankful they stuck with me through this whole crazy process,” Tebow said through a phone call.

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