As what they always say, expect the unexpected in this very tough game. Who would have thought that at the remaining 8 seconds of the second quarter, a record-breaking and historic 96-yard touchdown drive would be made by no other than Tom Brady thus ending the quarter with a point lead 10-9.

He passed John Elway and Joe Montana into 2nd place all time in Super Bowl yards with 1,148 (Kurt Warner 1st w/ 1,156). He made the crowd crazy for this superb skill.

With this kind of play that Brady is showing, the odds and predictions of all NFL critics and fans now become vague as ever as this game is definitely unpredictable.

Now everyone prepares to witness the halftime show with it’s awesome concert stage.

Meanwhile, for’s Twitter battle, Giants now up to 55% against 45% of the Patriots. No wonder anytime from now these percentage will meet at 50-50.


The Giants is indeed very serious in this game. They ended the first quarter with 9 points without letting the Patriots get a single score.

When the game started, both are equally tight on each other but at 8:52, safety was called after the intentional ground call as Brady was quite pressured and threw the ball to no one while he’s on the end zone thus allowing the number to fill in the score boards 2-0 for the Giants.

Then came the rushing Manning who gets to connect with Victor Cruz for a two-yard touchdown catch adding 7 points more.

On the other hand, for those waiting for the ads, first up is Budweiser’s Bud Light Platinum beer. Another one is for GE and the greatness of having Samsung Galaxy SII.

In few minutes the half time show will be shown and everyone’s equally excited for it as well.

Stay tuned!


The New England Patriots and New York Giants face off on Sunday night at Super Bowl XLVI with excitement, tension and emotions at an all-time high. The Patriots are riding on a magical and emotional run while the Giants are looking to repeat their Super Bowl XLII championship title against the Patriots.

The hype on the head-to-head battle between elite quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning has been building up and will be facing the true test at Super Bowl. By the end of four quarters, which team will have the right to raise the Lombardi Trophy?

The game seems to be a battle on offense. Defense may be underrated in this game but it will play a major role in foiling the opposing quarterback from orchestrating the offense.

The Giants defense has worked against Brady. They won the Super Bowl XLII by giving Brady a tough time making his passes. Now the Giants have exposed some weakness on defense that Brady and company may just exploit come game time.

In the regular season, the Giants struggled against teams with athletic tight ends. Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints and Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers proved that the Giants tight end defense has a hole.


Rob Gronkowski could have made things difficult for the Giants if he could play at 100%. Aaron Hernandez can pose serious challenges too.

The key for the Patriots to fully exploit this weakness is to protect Brady from pass rushers to make that perfect pass.

The Giants on the other hand has Eli Manning who plays well under pressure. He can break the defense psychologically with his cool demeanor. If the Patriots continue to play the ball instead of the man, then Manning will have an easier time taking advantage of the pass attack.

The betting odds and historical statistics will all mean nothing at kickoff. Both teams are equipped with elite quarterbacks, offensive and defensive manpower. The team that plays with more consistency on both ends of the field will win the NFL championship game.

The Patriots are likely to get the job done this time.


It comes as a surprising and seemingly heartless move that New England Patriots wide receiver Tiquan Underwood was released a day before Super Bowl 46. Defensive lineman Alex Silvestro was signed from the practice team.

A player cut especially on the day before a major event such as the Super Bowl can only make an outsider think if disciplinary action was the reason behind the move. It appears that there was none and it is very uncharacteristic of Rutgers University product Underwood.

Bill Belichick may be cold and heartless but the team reportedly wanted another defensive lineman on the roster. Incidentally, Silvestro is also a product of the Rutgers football team.

Soon after being cut, Underwood to Twitter how he felt about the cut. Many would have expected that he would rant away but instead he showed great character. On his first tweet Underwood had a different perspective of an unfortunate event in his young professional football career, “This is nothing but MOTIVATION”.

Just moments after, a second tweet came out that further cemented the strength of his character, “I Been Thru A LOT… But There Are Ppl In This World w/ More Serious Problems So I Cant Hang The Head… Thank You Lord”

His third tweet was directed to the New England Patriots organization which heads into Super Bowl 46 on Sunday without him, “Good Luck To The New Enland Organization, The Coaches, & All My Teammates…”.

What followed was a message to everyone who followed him on Twitter, “THANK YOU To Everyone Supporting/Wishing Me Well (Fam, Friends, Ppl Who Dont Kno Me Personally) To Those Happy About What Happen… God Bless U.”

Underwood may not be seeing action at Super Bowl on Sunday at Lucas Oil Center in Indianapolis but he will get his championship ring if the Patriots find a way to beat the New York Giants.

And there you have it folks, the much awaited Super Bowl XLVI has finally started. The crowd grows wild and both teams are all very eager to win.

American Idol Kelly Clarkson graced the singing of the national anthem with a very rousing voice that even lead some of the people of the crowd crying.

The Hall of Famers for this year lead the coin toss ceremony with the referee John Perry. Bill Belichik has deferred on 30 straight coin toss win.

This is going to be very exciting. Twitter fans who are voting via nbcsport’s website are almost equal. 53% voted for the Giants and 47% for the Patriots. Four years ago, the Patriots was the favorite but the Giants frustrated everyone when they managed to grab the win.

No one really knows who will win this time as both teams are equally prepared and are equally very eager to crush each other.

More updates as the game progresses. Stay tuned!