The 46th Super Bowl can be watched not just in the United States, but also in the other countries where Super Bowl is licensed to be televised. That includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the Super Bowl will be televised nationally by NBC. Super Bowl 2012 will also be streamed online. The live stream can be watched via via Verizon Wireless on mobile. This year will be historic as this year is the year that Super Bowl will have its first legal online streaming of a telecast in the United States.

The TV schedule of the 2012 Super Bowl in other countries are published in the official websites of each TV station in each country. For Australia, check out the official website of ESPN, One HD, and Network Ten. If you’re from Austria, check out Puls 4’s website regarding the TV schedule of Super Bowl. Be Sport 1, Prime Sport 1 for Belgium. ESPN, ESPN HD, and TV Esporte Interativo for Brazil. CTV, RDS for Canada. TV3+ and TV3+ HD for Denmark. Nelonen Pro 1 and Nelonen Pro 2 for Finland. W9 for France. Sat.1 and ESPN America HD for Germany. Sport 1 for Hungary. BBC and Sky Sports for Ireland. Channel 2 for Israel. Sportitalia and ESPN America for Italy. NHK BS1 and NTV G+ for Japan. ESPN, ESPN HD, Fox Sports and Fox Sports HD for Latin America. Televisa, TV Azteca for Mexico. ESPN for Netherlands. Viasat Sport Norge, Viasat Sport HD and NRK for Norway. Polsat Sport for Poland. SportTV for Portugal. Sport 1 for Romania. Canal+ 1 for Canada. TV10, Viasat Fotboll, and Viasat Fotboll HD for Sweden. And lastly, BBC and Sky Sports for United Kingdom.

That’s it. You can check the official websites of each TV channel that we mentioned and you’ll get the exact time Super Bowl XLVI will be televised.

More updates regarding the 2012 Super Bowl will be posted here at Super Bowl Fan! Stay tuned!


The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) will also be broadcasting the Super Bowl XLVI also known as the Super Bowl 46 this 2012. Super Bowl 2012 will be broadcasted in all NRK stations: NRK1, NRK1 HD, NRK2, NRK3 and NRK Super.

You can check the latest TV schedule of NRK at slash TV. To see the complete TV schedule of each NRK channel, just head on the slash NRK1 for NRK1. Just changed the NRK1 to 2, if you want to check the NRK2 TV schedule, and 3 for NRK3.

And oh, did you know that NRK HD was set to make its first official broadcasting from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, but the first HD broadcast was actually Super Bowl XLIV? Now you know!

The Super Bowl 2012 live broadcast via NRK will be available in both TV and Radio. Just tune in to either NRK P1, NRK P2 or NRK P3 of you want to listen to the radio instead of watching the live game at NRK.

If you’re reading this post and you don’t know what NRK is, it’s the largest media organisation in Norway. It is a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union. We’ll be posting more about live TV schedules of each broadcasting company that will be showing the live telecast of Super Bowl XLVI.


It took four years for this great football even to happen again. The main protagonists Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin are back together in a Super Bowl. Indianapolis plays host to the New England Patriots and New York Giants on Sunday night when the two teams face off for Super Bowl XLVI at the Lucas Oil Center.

It has been a magical season for the Giants so far with Manning playing a record-breaking season. The team collectively went through a challenging regular season that ended with a 9-7 win-loss record. The road to the playoffs was a rollercoaster ride for them and they had to get to the title game via the Wild Card.

The Giants are a win away from raising the Lombardi Trophy and they have the Patriots standing in the way. The Pats are favored to beat them but they may have a psychological advantage and history going for them as they head into Sunday’s game.

The Wild Card Giants then beat the Patriots at Super Bowl XLII in what was considered one of the greatest upset wins in National Football League history. Defense held Brady from executing passing plays as the Giants kept pressure on the Patriots’ quarterback.

This time the Giants may not be heavy underdogs. Yet the winning formula could still be the same.

Eli Manning can take care of offense as he has shown all season. The younger of Manning siblings in the NFL can spot receivers and make that\ touchdown score to light up the scoreboard.

What Manning needs is a collective effort on defense. Brady and the Patriots used to rely on the deep ball four years ago but their offense has evolved by using “dink and dunk” plays every now and then. This poses a new challenge for the Giants with Brady having so many passing options like Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker and Deion Branch and the Giants will have their hands full covering the passing lanes all game.

Manning has offense covered. Defense will be the key for the New York Giants at Super Bowl XLVI.

More than the exciting Super Bowl game, viewers are also rooting for what might the halftime show would turn out to be. For this year, the break time would be graced by the ‘Material Girl’ Madonna who already promised the press that she will be showcasing an entertainment for all ages.

She will be performing her latest single ‘Gimmie All Your Lovin’ that was seen to have a cheerleader/football-player motif when the video was released Friday. She would be joined on stage with today’s young hip-hop-and-beyond stars Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. This is good enough to ensure that younger viewers would be lured to watch the game who were born decades after Madonna scored her first hit with “Holiday” in 1983.

Madonna also reiterated to the press that wardrobe malfunction won’t happen at any cost. “Great attention to detail has been paid to my wardrobe, so there will be no wardrobe malfunction. … I promise,” she said.

Super Bowl halftime show has been famous to wardrobe malfunction like what happened to Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the 2004 match. Since then, they chose to have Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on the succeeding games whose wardrobe is less than revealing and rarely malfunctions in any way.

The feeling is just different this time. The Giants are more confident this time as they touchdown Indianapolis. They were welcome wholeheartedly by their excited fans and supporters. Their plane landed 3:00 pm Monday at the Indianapolis International Airport.

The players and the whole team is set to face the press on Tuesday, January 31st, for questions and queries.

This upcoming Super Bowl XLVI match is somewhat like a rematch of the Giants against the Patriots where the same team faced each other way back Super Bowl XLII. During that time, the Patriots were the crowd’s favorite but were stunned by the famous helmet catch by David Tyree and touchdown grab by Plaxico Burress and of course the unexpected Giants’ big win.

This time is quite different, both teams have an equal share of favorite scale ratings and it seems that more fans are rooting for another Giants’ win.

Both teams have coaches who were proven and tested by the tough Bill Parcell and QBs who has become famous more that anyone else. Both showed superb previous games and are willing to give it all for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Tickets were sold out, hotels and inns were already fully booked, everything’s all set for the big game!