As head of the state, it has been a tradition of President Barack Obama to share the moment with his fellowmen in a pre-game interview every SuperBowl game. The match is one of those moments in the history of America wherein almost everyone is watching, thus the perfect time to reach the maximum number of Americans.

Few minutes before the match, CBS evening news anchor Scott Pelley will be joined by President Barack Obama who would most likely be talking about the nation, and of course his insights about the game. The Super Bowl has been drawing an increasing number of viewers each year.

Do not expect for the interview to be all about the game as the President would surely be talking about the recent that has happened in the country especially about the issue of gun control.

However, Pelley made sure that he has some questions about the game and that could excite the millions of fans who are watching the game live in New Orleans, or those watching in their houses or even those football enthusiasts in the countries in the world.

It is going to be another year of exciting match. Who do you think will win? There’s no other way to find out but to watch the game that will happen in a while.

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