As Black Friday 2012 madness is almost here, the Super Bowl madness next year is fast approaching as well. Football fans around the world can’t wait to witness Super Bowl XLVII. Who will make it next year? Who will be the NFC and AFC champions? Will the New York Giants make it again? Or will the New England Patriots become the AFC champs again? We don’t know and we can’t predict what will happen this February 3, 2013 at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Tournament bracket predictions are popping up here and there. Fans and critics are now calculating the odds off who’s who and who’s not. People love to bet and are excited to know the betting odds of 47th Super Bowl. Just like when you’re betting at, you can also bet for your favorite teams with your friends and in multiple sports betting websites. The multitude of games available at Lucky Nugget will be enough to keep you busy until then; with an unprecedented amount of different themed slots machines there will be something to keep you entertained right up until the Superbowl. Hopefully a few good runs at the poker table will allow for a bet on the Superbowl when it does come around. If you are a solid NFL fan, and you want to take chances, save your money now and place your bets next year to the team that you think will win.

Super Bowl 2013 commercials are also much anticipated. This is what most fans love, the awesome, multi-million commercials that big companies are spending to. They will spend millions or even billions, just to get a spot on the Super Bowl prime time. I don’t know any commercials yet, but you can search it on YouTube or check out some websites related to Super Bowl commercials.

Anyway, that’s all that I wanna share for now. I’ve been busy traveling for the past few days and I haven’t read any recent NFL news. All I heard is that last November 5, 2012, CBS announced that the special episode of Elementary will air after the Super Bowl, counting this as the lead out program of next year’s Super Bowl.

And, that’s all for now. Let’s just be patient and wait for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII! Hurray!

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