Aside from the superb game itself, some of the viewers of the Super Bowl match are critics and business minded people who are waiting for the notable companies who were able to secure the expensive advertisement spot that was said to be approximately $3.5-4 million.

Who would not want to avail the spot anyway? It will be viewed not only by the entire United States but by the millions even billions of Super Bowl fans all over the world.

However, having the spot isn’t enough, your ad company should be that clever to pull off a worthy commercial that could totally promote your product thus fulfilling its purpose.

We’ve enlisted 5 of the best Super Bowl commercials this year that had obviously captured our attention and had displayed the ample amount of worthiness.

5. Happy Grad – Chevrolet

The entire commercial is so funny that you would be left thinking what will happen if the truth would be revealed to the overwhelmed newly grad. A chevy for a gift is something to be overwhelmed indeed.


4. Century 21 Agents

The ad clearly showed how worth it to hire a century 21 agent. They were able to utilize the right people in the industry.


3. A Dream Car. For Real Life – Kia Optima

They showed that dreams can be true and Kia Optima is one of those dreams that has been made possible. A job well done to gather all the big personalities in one commercial.


2. GO RUN Mr. Quiggly! – Skechers

The aim is clear. There is no way a French Bulldog could defeat all those greyhounds but with Skechers Go Run, it can be the fastest among them. The cameo appearance of Mark Cuban also adds the beauty of the ad.


1. The Dog Strikes Back – Volkswagen

A lot of stories portrayed within the 76 second ad. Discipline, determination, pride and inspiration have been well displayed for a better and newer look.


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